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STAYREAL and MARVEL following the last joint hero shoes sold out of the boom, this year "MARVEL STAYREAL" | UNITA shoes series assembled in the popular movie role, Captain America, iron man, spider man three heroic fashion shoes, friends and fans in the stage to be warm and ask next June on sale; in addition to the new STAYREAL shoes more code first hero series bag, let love MARVEL you out to grab the last one, don't miss this year! recently, the world has blown casual fashion shoes wind, and even the captain of the United States Chris Evans usually enjoy casual casual dress, go out with shoes, you can show personal extraordinary momentum. This STAYREAL combines casual fashion style, the launch of the new "retro" jogging shoes, shoe body design with breathable mesh material, with the heroes features for the tongue to create the one and only the iron man and the spindle Captain America style. Spider stroll, high cylinder shoes are displayed in special shoes, different material splicing, add texture, plus reversible shoes design, even the basic models of shoes can also be very unusual. MARVEL | STAYREAL package design is to create two super hero - iron man and Captain America equipment for the design of spindle. The hero of steel backpack concept for the iron man armor steel, let your upper back like Toni · stark turned iron man! The captain of the United States is the symbol of justice, a powerful weapon against crime, "shield of righteousness", a high fidelity shape, you seem to really hold the captain of the United States, the most powerful weapons, handsome feeling! "MARVEL I STAYREAL" super hero "shoes" League debut! is inspired by three superhero characters and designs a full range of original shoes for heroes, shoes and clubs! STAYREAL first introduced retro Cheap jordans online jogging shoes, using more breathable fabric stitching, not only to enhance comfort, but also to wear more diversity. steel hero Retro Running Shoes $729 steel hero retro jogging shoes, the use of special metal texture, handsome, showing the classic colors of iron and steel armor, wearing a tie is also accidentally good match tongue around different embroidery LOGO, iron man left ICON, right LOGO brand iron man, PU mirror, red / gold material and shoes, breathable fabric. Set the ankle button at the ankle so that the shoelace doesn't loosen easily. shoes heel left and right embroidered brand LOGO, left STAY, right REAL Captain America Retro Running Shoes $729 United States captain's star design and color of high canvas shoes, and use breathable fabric and suede 〉 ???? after many cooperation, classic movies "Star Wars" once again teamed up with Adidas Originals, one of the film with the most representative role of Yoda "as inspiration to create this special edition of the Top Ten Hi pair of shoes. All white high cylinder shoes are made of suede and leather. Shoes are made with gilt words and Logo as the details, and the "Yoda" image is placed at the heel. The sharp is full of sense. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- extended reading -- -- -- -- -- -- another way? Supreme's Secret History of small things even street beat the great God, Tommy, Tom are used in the repair software, in the end strong where? The 10 application of to flight cancellations is small Tips loading force essential /5 minutes let you know in recent years the history of the development of # buggies can take dnunbing # The story of Eminem and /what's, Nike, up, YO, Eminem and Nike, - - - - - - - - - - to the tide recommended - - - - - - - - - - dreams on cashew nuts! warm and thic jordan 3 katrina 2018 k, indispensable! ? Nike, Flyknit, Trainer, Chukka, FSB, Light, Charcoal, color, Nike, Air, Max, 1, "Olympic" brand new colors comments on last article: Nike Flyknit Trainer Chukka FSB "Light Charcoal" color next article: Nike Air Max 1 "Olympic" brand new color night, day inspiration, French classic sports brand Le Coq Sportif recently launched a new " Night & Day" series. The new shoes to its running shoes R1000 as the blueprint for the " Night" version adopts gray upper combination, with green embellishment; " Day" version go fresh line, the use of cream white and grey. in addition to no less than top signature shoes configuration HyperRev 2016 bring, the brand also with the recent official brought the bias toward the end of the HyperLive. And the same low to help shape, similar in bottom contour and the outer sole honeycomb texture also let many people compared it to a HyperChase brothers, overwhelmed, shoes official has three color on the shelves for sale. source: NIKETHE FOURNESS is Japanese designer Kazuki Kuraishi creation of personal newest brand, the brand side released the latest footwear collaboration with adidas Originals, Stan Smith and bring together & nbsp; Tubular Runner two shoes. Where Stan Smith to build a tan leather, complemented by red heel embellishment; Tubular Runner places a dark blue cover shoes, black printing details of creating a strong style. Currently, the co-series has been commercially available in Renarts, a friend might like to pay more attention.Campus 80's recently really called Adidas Originals's most popular shoes, now out of Losangeles street and Adidas brand XLarge Originals to launch Campus 80s, cooperation style color is very low-key, the vamp can not see any traces of the joint, is made of rubber insole pattern XLarge iconic Cheap foamposites for sale . Nike Air Max LeBron VIII China note Chinese don't do note, highlight Art beats nature. 's highly anticipated Nike Air Max LeBron VIII today officially released, and will be listed on October 26th. Fusion of Chinese classical elements, specially built Nike Air Max LeBron VIII China notes will be listed on October 1st, in the national day of the arrival of the occasion to present Chinese fans. excellence in technology, achievement Nike, Air, Max, LeBron, VIII Nike Air Max LeBron VIII the sole use of basketball special MAX AIR 360 unit and fly line technology, cushioning shoes with extremely lightweight and superior comfort and control more stable. The Nike Air Max LeBron VIII draws on the classic craftsmanship and casting technology of the fashion shoe uppers, creating a natural, soft and all natural leather upper. A fully integrated, seamless, breathable, mesh inner, comfortable, breathable, flying wire structured TPU injection frame, ergonomically designed to provide excellent cushioning for the most desired locations. MAX AIR 360 cushioning unit provides cushioning and impact protection of excellence, in the bottom of the molded PHYLON material, and MAX AIR 360 shock design perfect echo, helps to guide the direction of the pace, to further enhance the riding effect. The Nike Air Max LeBron VIII increases the height difference between the shoe collar and heel, increasing stability and flexibility of the Achilles tendon. The shoe collar adopts a double density injection mold with built-in foam, which enhances the package and comfort. Shoes eyes staggered arrangement to dress more fit, at the top of the shoe design double type figure 8 using the eye, to enhance the effect of locking. in appearance, Nike Air Max LeBron VIII Nike Swoosh extends back to the back of the sho jordan retro 14 white/fuchsia blast/black es, forming a shock effect of the ring, representing the extraordinary speed of Lebron James on the pitch. The tongue pattern represents the lion Lebron James stadium as a hunter king. The tongue on the back of the signature label, inspired by the ball off the custom-made clothing, showing superb technology in the production of shoes. The functional detail design around the sole of the provides both great flexibility and a full representation of Lebron's personality. The outsole uses a geometric structure combined with a X elastic heel to reduce force and pressure. The elastic groove of the front sole achieves the best range of motion control. The lightweight multi direction herringbone pattern is designed for Lebron James to meet the needs of its first step and high speed steering. 〉Nike SB P-Rod III Aqua Marine 's real color not offering exposure. This section of color is likely to be released in the next quarter of Nike SB new products, and personally feel that this color is still very distinctive Nike " BIC" Dunk SB the official name is uncertain, just because the yellow black color like the famous stationery brand BIC, then temporarily called " BIC" Dunk SB, for exposure of Nike& nbsp; " BIC" Dunk ; a pair of SB shoes. is said to be produced for Chinese Dunk Taiwan; SB, "Jiang Xiumei" and "Qiu Xiumei" on the insole of the word, in fact the official name for the " Neptune" Dunk SB (Neptune), is expected in June listed, only in the sale of China rumors. ?Nike help[Chinese shoes Network - brand observation] international road Pick is from 2005, and this time, Chinese sports enterprises "Jinjiang system" within most of them still little known. Pick expand the path the US market is the beginning of cooperation with the NBA, in 2005 began sponsori foamposites for cheap ng the Olympic Houston Rockets and Toyota Center, after signing Shane Battier and the Rockets, and winning the NBA's China strategic partnership. So far, the Olympic players signed a total of 18, three NBA teams. But at that time, Pick has not set up branches in the United States. Thereafter Pick was listed in Hong Kong since the process affected by the financial crisis, the Olympic US subsidiary until March 2010 was formally established. flat risk with foreign markets The results prove the fact, precisely because of the early "Pathfinder", only to Pick a fuller understanding of the US market, while the US branch of the duties and targeted market is relatively more clear. Su Jia Peak American branch manager, told reporters: "There are three major functions of a US subsidiary, responsible for sales throughout the United States and two in North America, set up R & D center, the company developed three for laying the foundation, signing players of services.... " However, the US market is not Pick the largest overseas market, for obvious reasons, because the Olympic products more focused on basketball, Nike occupy 90 percent of the US basketball market share, and the remaining 10%, as well as Adidas, Reebok and other powers in the women struggled. US businesses are still a highly developed country. This China is full of opportunities in emerging markets the situation is different, so for any foreign companies and brands will have a powerful ability to fight. But there are also competitive Chinese market, the Chinese market share and brand of view, Peak performance is not good, they themselves predict fierce competition in the Chinese market will lead to declining profits and market space. Pick therefore, the early expansion, the development of the market abroad is a way of sharing risk. In China, the biggest Olympic rival Li Ning, Anta, 361 other companies, and that several companies, overseas strategy do the most successful and largest is undoubtedly Li Ning. In fact, Li Ning's overseas strategy is earlier than the Olympic, but because of their own reasons, Li Ning, the US market has almost disappeared, which gives a good opportunity for the Olympic. "Our goal is to develop the US market to drive the global market because we judge, driven by the global effect of the US market, it is similar to the domestic launch Beijing, Shanghai market can bring the whole domestic sales, the United States to other countries guiding and leading role will be more obvious. "Su Jia said. abandon the price war Mainstream and most of the domestic sales come from different store, although Peak also have a physical store, but online sales channels and franchisee is selling the land. This network developed with the United States, more concentrated source channel specification has no small relationship. In China, those who will compete on price, but in the United States, this situation is completely absent. Peak pricing when making reference to Nike and Adidas, the same quality, technological content of products, Peak pricing will be less than 20% of them. It is understood that the Olympic US subsidiary sells products fully from China, although there are US manufacturing reflux, China rising employment costs and logistics costs to enhance factors, but will not consider Pick up factories in the United States. "The main reason is because the footwear processing is labor-intensive industries, supporting industries is important, if only to establish a separate facility, supporting simply can not guarantee." Su Jia said. Although already lived several years in the United States, but Su Jia greatest pressure comes from the cultural differences. Doing the same thing, the Americans and the Chinese people's values ??are completely different. Su Jia made a vivid analogy, a question, the Chinese people and the American approach is completely different, for example, how from 1-3, Chinese people will be sitting there thinking way, how directly from 1 to 3, and the United States the habit of thinking necessarily 1,2,3. In their view, this is not the case after 2 this number, it must have to make it up back, then, time, waste of manpower costs will be greater. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional Footwear News)??????air jordan retro doernbecher freestyle for sale wedding cake not a silver person so it would have to be gold with the diamond sparkle decoration minus the bows and with coral plumarias awww that s more like it lol womens free run tropical twist Present for boyfriend jordan retro doernbecher freestyle for sale wedding" /〉 japanese fashion style online shop cream pup air jordan retro doernbecher freestyle for sale wedding cake not a silver person so it would have to be gold with the diamond sparkle decoration minus the bows and with coral plumarias awww that s more like it lol today to bring you the movie brother shoes inventory of second, after the last push, a friend suggested that adding some classic Chinese films in the shoes, since we want to see, brother of course is defeated to meet you ~ if you hurry with good popcorn, straighten the pony we go to the bar, "game of death" & amp; "kill Bill" Onitsuka Tiger Taichi model in Bruce Lee's last film "game of death", the most classic fragment is he wearing a yellow one-piece tights, wearing yellow shoes, and a picture of the master blows. This pair of shoes is Onitsuka Tiger Taichi model black and yellow color. in this film during the shooting, Bruce Lee died unexpectedly, also let the movie and the other has become a topic of very classic. Later, the Movie Wizard Quentin during the filming of "kill Bill", also let the women wear this yellow suit, a tribute. later, yellow and black color of the shoes is dubbed a color Bruce Lee referred to as. Many brands have used the color of kung fu master salute. ASICS GEL SAGA Bruce Lee x Nike Zoom Kobe V 2 "" shaped REEBOK ALIEN STOMPER "alien" series is undoubtedly the history of milepost type science fiction film, until now, in the hearts of the fans still can not shake the position. In the series in the classic classic "special 2", the heroine had big shoes. This pair of shoes REEBOK specifically for the film to create the official ALIEN STOMPER, in the film, the actress is wearing this pair of shoes, end of alien lair, and ultimately help the success of the heroine "escape" shaped. This with a large area of Velcro to replace the traditional lacing system of the shoes to the magic elements with goal shoes and are widely used, which directly reflects the profound influence of the shoes on tide. "3:" Tokyo speed and passion drift Air Jordan 21 said the car theme of the classic movie, will think of "speed and passion" series, series third movie "Tokyo drift" although not particularly large contact and story plot, but we also see the appearance of shoes. in the movie, the hero in the black guy to sell Air Jordan XXI red color, although the actor had no interest, but many people already have it must. This pair of shoes as the Air Jordan series of twenty-first generation double positive signature shoe, by the renowned designer D& #39; Wayne; Edwards was designed.